That Percolate for the Stubborn Mind: Wallace Stevens and a Flannery Original

Before I went back to nursing school I got an English degree from UNC Asheville.

It is an amazingly impractical degree that allowed me to learn tremendous amounts about people, the world, and how to not sound like an idiot while writing. But it ultimately made my brain explode with emotions and I realized I needed to pursue a profession where I could work in the moment and not think deeply about heavy shit too often.

Nowadays, I don’t think too much about my time studying literature, but every once in a while a memory will sneak up out of nowhere.

This morning I was drinking coffee. It was an exceptionally good, mind freeing, enlightening brew. “Didn’t I write a poem about coffee once?” my brain asked me.

In fact I had.

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Follow Friday – Morning Links

Its finally starting to feel like fall around here. Canned pumpkin just reappeared at Trader Joe’s, leaves are starting to change above 5000 feet, and I wore pants yesterday evening to stay warm.

As expected, I’m psyched for all things autumnal.

In honor of fall, I recommend you make this Protein Pumpkin Spiced Coffee part of a morning (or afternoon) near you. I had never combined coffee and protein powder until recently. It is a winning combination. I promise.

I don’t partake in twitter, but I certainly love some instagram… Belowย are two accounts that have brought considerable joy to my feed this week.

First, a stylish pup:

So, what time should I pick you up?

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I mean, how canย you not love cute anthropomorphism…

Second, two psyched (non-climber?!?) folks on an amazing trip in a sweet sprinter:

The calm after the storm. Baja Sur.

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There is a lot of serious day dream material on this account ๐Ÿ™‚